Alan Sibley is the CIO for Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority where he started as a consultant.  He led the team that implemented the Tyler Technologies ERP system.   Alan has held the role of Chief HR Officer while also supporting all IT functions of the organization.  He attained the PHR certification in HR.  As the CIO, he manages both IT and Customer Care.   Projects have included the integration of Sensus meters into the business process.  Alan conducts the Annual Water audit and is a Qualified Water Loss Auditor.  Projects recently completed included the installation of Fortinet Firewalls and a FortiVoice phone system.
Alan began his technology career in computer operations at the William L. Bonnell Company and advanced to leading a team of programmers.  The team designed and implemented solution for internal departments.  The team supported both US and Canadian manufacturing plants.
His also worked at West Point Stevens (textile industry), MuRata Electronics, Pretty Products (automotive industry), and NuLink (cable and internet industry).  While working as an independent contractor, he also obtained Top Secret Security Clearance.
Alan holds a BS in math and computer science from the University of West Georgia.