Many times the older versions of technological advancements will work to give the new versions a better foundation for work. This is the case with most of the things that work to make a business more secure within itself. In today’s day and age there is a real need for security with the companies that operate all over the world. Industrial and corporate theft is at an all time high and this has made the companies of the world fold themselves into the vale of secrecy to protect the many things that will make them or break them as a whole. This is where the inter-company policies for the sharing of information have been revamped to make room for a higher security rating.

The main focus of the companies in this world at this point is to be able to share information within the company without that information being tapped into by the outside sources. Until recently they have used the internet as a way of maintaining that kind of communication by way of email and other office type communications. This was a problem because the internet is a wide open space that allows for people that are very computer savvy to break through the barriers and gain access to all sorts of information.

The hacker, as they are well known, finds a place to lay within the system where detection is nearly impossible and intercepts all of the valuable information that is send back and fourth between the employees. This is the way that the ideas and concepts from within the company are stolen and sold to the competitors all over the world. This happens even with the most sophisticated security software available on the market today. It is nearly impossible to maintain security when the system is hooked directly to the internet in one way or another.

This is why the bulk of the companies are now using the intranet features. The intranet is a concept that was developed many years ago when the internet was in its infancy. The actual basis for the intranet was developed during World War II when the allied forces were linked to one another by way of cables and telephone wires. This allowed for private communication with the other forces that could not be intercepted. The same concept is now being applied to the intranet systems that work with the companies to maintain security while still taking advantage of the computer based company communication.

In essence the intranet is nothing more than a small chunk of internet capabilities that are not hooked to the global lines. An intranet is a hook up of all computers in a company to allow for the speedy delivery of messages and other information on a computer. The safety that comes with the intranet is vast. The system is not attached in anyway to an outside system like you find with the internet. This way there is no way that a hacker can gain access to the system unless he or she is physically inside the building.

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